Transparent, Data Driven School Counseling

Communicate expectations, increase accountability

Caseloads for school counselors are bigger than ever. Help your school counselors spend less time on paperwork and more time helping high school and middle school students with FightSong!. Plus, the data yielded from each interaction on the app and browser based platform can help show issues arising in the student body, allowing administration to take action based on what the analytics show.

Higher efficacy student and school counselor interactions

Template based antibullying curriculum is available to increase student use of FightSong. Once use has begun, Counselors can loop in other Administrators, School Resource Officers, or a Behavioral team into the report and each conversation that takes place. This helps get everyone on the same page with a digital record of everything that took place. Easily reference previous parts of the conversation, share documents, and expedite the involvement of other parties if needed.

Learn to Improve the Social Climate of your School

Student Onboarding and Faculty Training Options are available to ensure the successful onboarding of the FightSong product. Webinars (link to email sign up Learn more about our student onboarding options (including a school program of artists and musicians called FightSong StoryTellers-- learn more about that HERE.)

Sign up for our free webinar on Changing the Culture of Reporting in Schools

Sign up for the Free Webinar on Changing the Culture of Reporting in Schools, taught by former high school teacher and current FightSong Ambassador Mason Talbott. This webinar is packed with resources to provide to your faculty and help them to change the culture of reporting harassment and abuse amongst students.

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