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The Administrative Perspective

The encrypted staff portal features cloud storage of reports so no information stored on school devices. Staff can receive notifications of reports through email or the platform.
It also allows staff to easily communicate within the portal share notes with other staff, track progress and increase accountability.


Caseloads for school counselors are bigger than ever. Help your school counselors spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting high school and middle school students through FightSong!. Plus, the data yielded from every chat and incident report can show issues arising in the student body, allowing the administration to take action based on what the analytics show.

Fight Song


Counselors can loop in other Administrators, School Resource Officers, or a Behavioral team into the report and each conversation that takes place. This helps get everyone on the same page with a digital record of everything that took place. Easily reference previous parts of the conversation, share documents, and expedite the involvement of other parties if needed. Counselors can set office hours and regain their much needed self-care time to prevent burnout. We want to increase student access to resources, but not overwhelm the people who are there to help.


Student Onboarding and Faculty Training Options are available to ensure the successful onboarding of the FightSong product. When we onboard students and staff not only do we teach them how to use the platform, but also we present FightSong! as a way to bridge the trust gap between the students and administration. Helping restore the social climate from failed Anti-Bullying Programs, such as “Zero Tolerance” is a major part of giving students a voice and letting them feel like they are supported by administration.


Sign-up & Trial

A FS! Team member will contact you to assist setting up your account. After the trial period we will ask if you would like to purchase FS! and Your trial account can be easily changed into a paid account.


Training & Onboarding

We offer free webinars, demos, and materials, for training and onboarding your organization. Also available is the student onboarding assembly to introduce FightSong!


Engagement & Support

Once FightSong! is setup we will continue to monitor student engagement, provide 24/7 technical support, and supplementary resources.

30 Day Free Trial

Explore all the features of FightSong! and how we can integrate into your school. Download and link up the Student App. to test out the platform.

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Flexible Pricing

FightSong! is a low-cost tool that can save lives. We want it to be affordable for all student and counseling organizations.

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