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Create a Support Network at School

By creating a safe, confidential, place for students to discuss issues before they escalate. Direct Messages within the app allow students to Reach Out for Support when dealing with stress or emotional situations. Staff can contact any user that reports to discuss the incident and check in after incidents to let students know you are really there for support .


An alternative to the often neglected student email and systems touting themselves as "anonymous", FightSong! gives students a familiar platform-- an app that feels like an instant messenger, helping them to feel comfortable enough to reach out for help.

Rather than relying on catching the school counselor available to help in person, students can report during the school year using their phones or other mobile devices confidentially choosing not to give or use their real name if they so desire.

Incidents are still tracked, geolocated and device information capture that can be accessed in the event of a crisis that needs to be handled as an emergency. Reporting in this manner empowers students with emotional or environmental stressors to still reach out to their counselors and receive the help they need without the security issues of "anonymous" reporting.

Fight Song


Reduce bullying report paperwork in the school counselor’s office with FightSong. Rather than keeping paper files or a similarly inaccessible alternative-- a series of documents for each student, collect all of the messages and reports submitted by students in one easy to review and monitor place: the FightSong School Counselor Dashboard.

Fight Song


FightSong is deeply customizable and is built to support the diverse needs of school counselors of all caseload sizes. Set Office Hours for when you are available and Do Not Disturb times such as holidays, evenings, weekends, and summers as needed. Plus, see how your students are doing at a glance with comprehensive analytics that is simple to export and share with your high school and middle school administrators.

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FightSong! is a low-cost tool that can save lives. We want it to be affordable for all student and counseling organizations.

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