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Coming Soon: Fightsong! Presents Emoticheck

Emoticheck is an app, within the Fightsong! Platform, that is focused on kindergarten through 5th grade. Designed to facilitate collaboration among staff, teachers, and counselors, it can track their students emotions and behavior with the ease of taking attendance.

SEL and Emotional Resilience

While our main program on the Fightsong Platform is focused on Social Emotional maintenance in Middle and High School. Emoticheck is a different approach to help develop students emotional literacy while improving the counselors ability to identify the students who may needs help.


  • Creating a digital Cognition and Emotion Journal for every student, accessible by the school counselor.
  • Quick and Simple Onboarding and Setup.
  • Facilitates Collaboration between Counselors and Teachers
  • Measure Current SEL Programs impact on students emotional health.
  • Help Counselors identify goals for students and their classroom

SFS! And Emoticheck paired for K-12 support

With the FightSong! Platform we are introducing students to the concept of reporting and discussing social or emotional issues with their counselors, while also familiarizing them with the hierarchy of reaching out to trusted adults, then counselors. When we teach children at a young age to learn how to identify emotions and familiarize themselves with a system used to reach the counselors, then later in middle and high school they will be much more receptive in using the Social-Emotional Reporting tool to maintain their SEL skills with their counselors.

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